Presently, 230 workers are employed by Oasis Young Plants Ltd., of which more than 70% are female. All greenhouse employees are trained within the company. Oasis Young Plants Ltd. creates good working conditions for the workers: besides building up a pension, there is a healthcare allowance. In the morning hours tea is provided and at lunchtime nutritious hot meals are served for all employees. Furthermore, the company allows all workers to follow reading, writing, math or English classes. Oasis Young Plants Ltd. also has a communial daycare center on the farm were the children of our employees can go during the week.

The employees of Oasis Young Plants ltd. started a ‘Welfare Fund’ where employees and the company donate a monthly fee. This fund provides a grant to employees who lost a close relative or got a newborn baby and the fund gives loans to employees who need money to pay school fees, have to support family members who are submitted in the hospital or have other financial difficulties.

Furthermore the male employees started a soccer club, everyday at break time they play soccer and a few times each year they attend a competition between teams of several horticultural companies in the surroundings.