Senecio is a genus of the daisy family (Asteraceae) that includes ragworts and groundsels. Senecio is one of the largest genera of flowering plants, and despite the separation of many species into other genera it still contains 1250 species of varied shapes, including leaf, stem and tuber succulents, annuals, perennials, aquatics, climbers, shrubs and small trees.

The varieties that Oasis Young Plants Ltd. has in production are:

  • Senecio crassimus
  • Senecio haworthii 'Kilimanjaro'
  • Senecio kleinia
  • Senecio mandraliscea
  • Senecio rowleyanus

The first four varieties are available as cuttings, Senecio rowleyanus is only available in a 5,5 cm. pot.