Objective and IPM

The objective of Oasis Young Plants Ltd. is to produce high-qualitative and uniform starting material, and guaranteed continuity in delivery of cuttings and young plants. Besides production efficiency, Oasis Young Plants Ltd. aims to maintain good working condition for its employees and environmental awareness.

Oasis Young Plants LTD. is a MPS participant and registrered under number: 910226

The application for MPS SQ and MPS GAP is in process.


In nature most plants face enemies or pests, i.e., insects, fungi and microorganisms. By design succulents are often well equipped, with many having large waxy non penetrable leaves, to withstand nature’s attacks. In our elaborate greenhouse and outdoor crops at Oasis Young Plants these pests do occur on occasion and we employ a multi-faceted approach – known as integrated pest management - to maintain optimal plant health and productivity. More specifically, all new outside plant material is rigorously screened before entry into clean production areas and only pest free material is passed. Thereafter throughout the production cycle of mother-stock plants and young plant cuttings regular twice weekly scouting - close inspection of all plant parts - is carried out to trace any pests present in the crop. Sticky traps and insect pheromonal lures are used to assist scouting and for mass trapping. Soil fertility, irrigation practices and crop moisture levels are closely monitored to sustain pest averse conditions. Indoor growing area openings are screened to minimize voluntary entry of pests. Biological crop protection agents and Bio-pesticides are first choice control products at hand, and conventional chemical pesticides are only used in specialized incidents and when needed. Strict sanitation practices to maintain a clean environment in and around the crop are standard and responsible staff are regularly updated and trained on the newest technologies in the field.