News of the company 2015 - 2019

We had the first of May celebration with our staff and their children in a restaurant. After the meal the children could play at the playground.

This year we finalised the construction of a new greenhouse and the plastic of the existing greenhouses was replaced.

To improve the health of our workers and the children at the school, we buy every week big quantities of milk. Besides we got 100 chickens for eggproduction. The chickens are special breeds from India brought to third world countries by the Bill Gates Foundation. These chickens are stronger and more productive and the goal of the Bill Gates Foundation is to improve the health of pregnant women, children and adults by making eggs available to more people.

Christmas party 2016 took place at our farm with nice food, champagne, music and dance. We wish everybody a Happy New Year!

At the end of June 2016 the Dutch Minister of agriculture Martijn van Dam travelled through Kenya and Tanzania to visit several agricultural companies. In Tanzania he paid a visit to our company together with a delegation of the Dutch Embassy from Dar es Salaam. In our greenhouse he had a look at our Orchids which we grow for the East-Arican market (see picture below).

At the beginning of June 2016 we had the second Kilifair in Moshi. It was an enormous happening with shows on stage and the Tanzanian Minister of Natural Resources and Tourism Prof. Jumanne Maghembe visiting the fair. He also passed by our stand where Priscilla Tarimo offered him a white Phalaenopsis (see pictures).

Our Christmas celebration took place on the 23rd of December 2015. All our staff of the farm were dancing and singing and we had a Christmas meal together. The children of our employees who will be leaving the daycare center that is supported by our company got their certificates. They will start primary school in the beginning of 2016 (see the pictures below).

On December 9th Tanzania celebrated independence day. The new president John Magufuli had suggested that everybody should collect litter and clean the environment. With 50 employees of our farm we started the day with singing the national anthem. After a short speech about the use of keeping the environment clean, we walked towards the main road where we started collecting litter. Within 20 minutes all bags were filled up with litter and we used our motorcycle with tipper to collect the full bags and to bring back empty bags. After 2 hours we had collected a huge amount of litter (see pictures below).

Mid October 2015 the P1/2 class of the International School visited our farm to learn more about their subject: Plants.

The end of June a local school visited us to learn more about horticulture. The local school is supported by the organisation 'Born to learn': The children who come from a rural area were deeply impressed by the greenhouses and thanked us by making beautiful drawings of the plants. 

From the 5th till the 7th of June there was the first Kilifair organised in Moshi. Oasis Young Pants had also an exhibition stand for the local sales of Orchids under the name: Paradise Orchids. Many people were surprised to find real Orchids in Tanzania, we had visitors of many different nationalities! The fair was very well organised, with different dance groups, acrobats and other shows. On one of the pictures below you can see the Maasai warriors passing by our exhibition stand.

To increase the bee population in Kilimanjaro Region, to help the pollination of flowers and (fruit-) trees and for the production of honey, five bee hives are now put into place on the property of Oasis Young Plants. During nightly hours, the bee expert and ultra-runner Simon Mtuy (the record holder of fastest unsupported ascent and decent of Mount Kilimanjaro, 9 hours and 21 minutes: has moved the five bee hives from the urban areas in Moshi to the more rural and quiet area of our farm. Hope the bees feel at home at our farm!

René Kleinveld proposed the excellent idea to change our 24 years old Toyota Surf into a pick-up car. With a grinder and some welding, the old car became an attractive means of transportation for all our farm and building materials purchased in town.

On Labour Day (the first of May 2015) we went for the second time to a restaurant with playground in Moshi, where many of our employees with their children enjoyed their afternoon with drinks and bites. The children had fun at the playground and the mothers had their annual photo-sessions with their children or the management of Oasis. This afternoon we found out that one of our employees has an albino girl. This mother is not worried about the safety of her child, although there is a lot of media attention at the moment for the fact that albinos are kidnapped and killed for their body parts. The body parts of albinos are used for medication which are believed to bring luck and wealth. Luckily the Kilimanjaro region is a bit more developed and educated, the fear for albino attacks is not so big as in other regions in Tanzania.