News of the company 2014 and before

Last June the AMREF ANGAZA ZAIDI PROGRAM gave a HIV/AIDS training to enlarge the awareness and knowledge of the disease. This is the third HIV/AIDS training since the start of Oasis Young Plants Ltd. and also this time the training ended with the distribution of condoms and the possibility to have a HIV/AIDS test free of charge (see pictures).

Labour Day (1st of May) is a National holiday in Tanzania. With our employees and their children we celebrated this day at a restaurant with playground in Moshi. They all enjoyed their afternoon with sodas and bites (see pictures).

During our visit to South Africa, last April, we found several plant species which are produced in the greenhouses of Oasis Young Plants Ltd. One of them is the beautiful Crassula marnierana 'hottentot' in Tsitsikamma National Park (see picture). South Africa is one of the countries with a large variety of succulents and it is very exciting to find them during hiking tours through nature.

Our three chefs, who prepare tea in the mornings and a hot meal for the lunch break every working day, pose in the picture below in their new uniforms. They asked if their picture could be placed on the Oasis website. Nowadays some of our employees visit the Oasis website via their cell phones in order to find new pictures, especially pictures taken of them.   

Last March we had a group of eight people from the Netherlands visiting our company. They handed stuffed animals out to the children of our employees (see pictures). These visitors had taken 12 suitcases full with clothing and stuffed animals to hand out to sick children in the regional hospital and at CCBRT, an organisation supporting handicapped children. The children at the daycare center were very happy with their gifts and took the stuffed animals to the bedroom of the preschool for their afternoon nap.  

It has become a yearly celebrated event: Christmas with a traditional meal with goat. Last Christmas party was cheered up with music, some employees were singing and there was a choir formed by the children. Besides, some of our employees performed a play and there was a dance match. Last but not least, we toasted on the new year; let 2014 be a good year for everyone!

After 5 years it was time to renew the plastic of two of our greenhouses. On the pictures below you can see how 30 men are working together to pull the new plastic on top of the greenhouse. During the renewal of the plastic Niels de Jager of a Dutch radio station passed by for an interview about Dutch entrepreneurship in foreign countries and the support of the Dutch embassy for these businesses.

On the 4th of October 2013 the P1/2 class of the International School Moshi visited Oasis Young Plants Ltd. to learn everything about plants. The children had to stick cuttings, drew different plant species and had a ride on the trailer behind the tractor.

In the months May and June our Farm manager Barakael Ng'eni and our Human Resourse Manager Priscilla Tarimo followed successfully a course on leadership skills. On one of the pictures below you can see Priscilla and Barakael with their recently acquired certificates.